A Fake Reality-Ted Talk

In a Ted Talk, Joseph Pine explains to his audience what consumers want. He talks about how companies portray themselves to the consumer, like if they are being fake or not. Companies should be true to themselves and also they should be what they say they are. A customer is not going to like to have an experience with a company that is different from how they made themselves appear.

He uses the example of University City Walk, and Disney World. The University CityWalk is advertised that it will be a lot of walking and you are able to see through the facade of the whole thing so it is considered real. There is nothing about it that is not true or real. On the other hand, Disney World is advertised as things like “the magic kingdom”, which we all know is not actually true. Therefore, this is more of a fake reality.

He highlights that a mistake that companies make is advertising something that they are not. That leaves the customer with the idea that the company is a fake. The company should create an experience that the customer will enjoy. Starbucks does not advertise much at all which forces the consumer to come to the store to experience what it is like. This is something Starbucks does well, in that they are not being fake.


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